Access to our platforms, our technologies and our experts, so that, together, we can test new products and services, and scale up the very best of them.

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HR Solutions

From automatization of data management, data quality validation and platforms which simplify the interview odyssey to innovative and interactive showpieces for onboarding and further supporting the way we work in shared services centers as well as employee feedback solutions

Social Media Analytics

Solutions which generate predictions and deduce insights by linking them to other internal data as well as digital products that allow creative visualizations of social media data and insights to enhance understandability.

Reporting Services

Automatic star schema analysis tools, which create a semantic model that don't require in-depth technical skills. The end user should be able to search and combine business data without knowing SQL and the data warehouse architecture.

Causal AI

We understood the patterns and correlations of our data. Now, we want to learn why something happens and what the underlying mechanisms are, to be able to fully explain the results.

WiFi sharing

Solutions that bring an expansion on the current services & compensate the fix and mobile network among others using for example the free fixed line capacities

We also search for Telco related topics such as 5G, IoT, Network, Big Data, Cybersecurity...


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