Wayra as a Service

Innovation through startups

Innovation through startups

Wayra Germany has vast experience in playing the corporate-startup collaboration game. We have succeeded, failed, learned, and tried again. Gain your competitive advantage using what we have learnt.

We scale startups
We scale

We have an end-to-end approach and define ourselves as experts in dealing with startups and mid-sized companies. We create synergies and integrations with our business units and our partners (more than 150 companies from different industries and governments).

We are commited partners
We are
committed partners

We empower you as an individual and a collaborator to reach new heights and redefine excellence in venture management by adding startups technology into your value chain. Our ‘can do’ attitude starts where others stop due to a lack of belief and know how.

We are technological experts
We are
technological experts

Through our network of hubs, we offer startups preferred access to our platforms, our technologies, and our experts, so that, together, we can test new products and services, and scale up the very best of them.



Technical expertise as a USP

We not only have access to immense amounts of company information, but also have the technical expertise to identify and differentiate forward-looking technologies.

Working closely with the experts in these businesses, our technical due diligence process is one of the most sophisticated on the market, using only the most up-to-date methodologies.


Unrivaled market understanding

We have over nine years’ experience in validating business models and as an investor. Wayra has been a CVC since 2011 and has an outstanding track record of successful investments.

So far, we have evaluated over 18,000 startups for Telefónica and initiated joint programs with our partners.


Wayra Germany's scouting process

We generate deal flow not only by using the latest technologies, such as web crawling and databases, but also through constant exchange and numerous alliances with other investors, companies and innovation units - what we call our network and community.

things done

Preparation of the organizational structure and definition of internal process.

Screening the global startup landscape.

360° marketing and communication campaigns.

Validate the best fitting startups identifying, quantifying and improving the deal flow.

Match the startup’s solution with you, unlocking the full potential for impact.

Implementation tangible business benefits from your new startup partner.

Validate the best fitting startups identifying, quantifying and improving the deal flow.

Matching the startup’s solution with you, and unlocking the full potential for impact.

Implementation of tangible business benefits from your new startup partner.

wayra Germany's three service packages

wayra Seed

Identification of needs
Lean-in session

Find the right startup

wayra Growth


Scope of the project
Milestones setting
Use case generation

Content creation
PR and social media

wayra X




Seats for startup and corporate

Meeting rooms
Event space
Tea and coffee

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