Mission x M.A.R.S.: Future Academy X teaches technical skills in immersive workshop

November 6, 2019
figure in space suit framed in blue
Wayra Open Innovation Hub hosts Future Academy X in first immersive business event, 14 November 2019.

November 6, 2019

Mission x M.A.R.S.: Future Academy X teaches technical skills in immersive workshop

●      Innovative full-day workshop embedded in a consistent storyline

●     1 mission, 10 challenges, 200 crew members, 1 jury

●     Place: Wayra Open Innovation Hub,Kaufingerstr. 15, 80331 Munich

On 14th November 2019, the Future Academy X will host Europe’s first immersive business event, Mission x M.A.R.S., at the Wayra Open Innovation Hub in Munich. On an immersive journey through the universe, 10 crews will tackle 21st century challenges to obtain permission from the Martian jury to enter their planet.

The crew members will receive latest content on technology & business trends (e.g.artificial intelligence, behavioural economics, gamification) and share this knowledge with each other.


With the help of the different personalities and skills of the members, the crews will join together to create innovative prototypes to be presented to the jury.


The business spectacle will be accompanied by the London-based theatre group "Impossible Things" and Vandana Hart, presenter of the Netflix show "We Speak Dance".


The unique event format is characterised by the interactive cooperation of all participants, embedded in music, theatre, dance, magic and an unforgettable story.


The venue is the Wayra Open Innovation Hub in Munich. As an accelerator Wayra scales technology-oriented start-ups and offers them space for development. From workplaces for the sponsored start-ups to event spaces, Wayra creates a variety of opportunities for the development of new approaches.


About Future Academy X


The FutureAcademy X enables people in companies to recognise and develop their potential so that they can solve the biggest challenges of our time. In workshop programmes and events, we teach the four superpowers of the 21st century:digital fitness, the ability to act, responsive mindsets and social intelligence.


Find out more at: https://missionx.eu/

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