Our programme

In only three months, you will be equipped with the best tools and the most experienced experts you can imagine to reach your goal: raise traction and break through the boundaries.

Our programme spans three months. Within that timeframe, our goal is to win Telefónica as your client and to launch your joint project. To support your business, we will provide you with mentoring and coaching from within and without to accumulate valuable skills.

1 Month Pre-acceleration:

- Definition of pilot with Telefónica business unit, Definition of business milestones, Setting up growth capabilities and Office space

3 Months Acceleration

Execution of pilot with Telefónica, Growth Capabilities, Office Space and Milestone payments


Startups are naturally designed and intended to grow fast. Therefore, it is essential for you to understand the importance of growth. If there is one number every founder should always be aware of, it’s the startup’s growth rate. To grow fast, you need to make something you can sell to a big market. And for your company to grow really big, you need to be able to reach and serve all of your potential customers. In between too little and too much growth is a startup’s sustainable growth - the area you should try to operate in. With that level of growth, you can maximize your performance without having to raise additional funding. We will help you identify and reach your desired level of growth with excellent coaching!

Focused Execution

Strategic Clarity

Organisational Alignment


Anyone who builds a product or service knows that they will have to sell it at some point. A good sales strategy is a very important aspect of your startup’s success. Acquiring new customers, expanding and strengthening your relationships with them and selling them additional products and services is key.





SEO/SEA/Online Marketin


As a founder you face a vast amount of leadership and organizational challenges which are new to you. A startups’ culture is defined by the personality, beliefs and values of the founding team. While you as an entrepreneur may have big dreams, it is ultimately the team with whose help you can realize your goals. In the end, your team plays a key role in understanding and executing your vision. Therefore, you need to hire the right talents, develop and manifest a culture that allows personal growth in a high-frustration environment and manage stress and anxiety levels among your team - all of this without bags full of cash. We help you tackle these challenges early on!

Trust Centric Leadership

Trust Centric Leadership

Talent Development & Retention

Corporate Culture


All startups are different - whether it’s your product, your size, your sector or vision. But there is one thing that all startups have in common: finance. Finance determines your income and expenditure and more importantly if your startup will be financially successful and sustainable. Most startups are not profitable for the first couple of years. Therefore, it is crucial for you to know the importance that finance functions play for your business. Doing so, you will manage your startup better and stimulate its growth. With our support, you will find yourself using new skills and knowledge on a daily basis and be able to professionally maintain connections to current and potential investors.

Entrepreneurial Strategy & Finance

Financial Modeling

From Fundraising to Exit