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Wayra Scales Your Startup

Welcome to the most global, connected and tech-driven open innovation with over ten years of experience
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in Digital Lab Awards 2021&2022
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Our mission

Drive corporate innovation by scouting, scaling and investing in tech startups and paving the way for a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Seamless interface between Telefónica and startups

Wayra means "Fresh Wind," the innovation initiative Telefónica created in 2011.

Wayra brings fresh ideas and solutions to the telco world by investing and connecting Telefónica with the entrepreneurial ecosystem around the globe to generate collaborative business opportunities within 9 countries in Europe and Latin America.

Our vision: be the most reliable partner for startups to shape the future of telecommunications.

We are located in the centre of Munich. In 2022, we have been awarded 'Best Startup Program' as part of the Digital Lab Awards by Capital Magazin and Infront Consulting & Management GmbH for the second consecutive year in a row!
Wayra hubs

Our offers

Perfectly tailored solutions for your startups, reflecting your location and funding stage
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Startup stage: Pre-seed to early-stage
Startup location: Munich
Looking for a community to work closely with like-minded entrepreneurs? With our 9 months resident program, we help you get ready to win your first corporate client.
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Startup Acceleration

Startup stage: Product ready, and customers with first revenues
Startup location: Europe and Israel
We help you win Telefónica as a client and resell your products/solutions to Telefónica & its 350M customers globally after a successful paid pilot project.
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Scale up

Startup stage: Focus on growth
Startup location: Europe
We speed up your sales cycle by being your solution champion within Telefónica! Say bye to long procurement process.
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Tech Lab

Startup stage: Ready for testing in 5G NSA / SA
Startup location: Europe and Israel
We enable the development of 5G and Edge Computing Use Cases in our Best-equipped 5G lab in Munich with startups, Telefónica, and tech partners.
Deploy 5G
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Startup stage: Late-seed to Growth
Startup location: DACH, Benelux, Israel and Nordics
Our investment spectrum ranges from Seed (€350K) to growth (+€25M) investments via our various verticals Wayra, Telefónica Ventures, and investor network.
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How we scale your startup

Florian Bogenschütz
Former founder and CEO Wayra Germany

Our core competencies

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We are the interface with scouts who specifically focus on the needs of Telefónica’s business. We scan our environment for parameters, see potentials, bring the idea and need together and thus find suitable solutions. We may not have the solution yet, but we know how to get it through precise matchmaking.

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We do not only create opportunities. We also speed up processes; we are a fast track. When startups want to work with big clients, they usually have to deal with bureaucracy and go through incredibly long processes. We are on a fast track as we know best which Telefónica business unit has both capacity and genuine interest. Furthermore, we set up contracts more quickly and make payments happen faster.

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Due to Telefónica‘s broad network and the fact that we work with international corporates and startups, we have cultivated the ability to open doors. We open many doors for our startups — not only the entrance to Telefónica Germany, but also its sub-brands and customers, and all the other Wayra hubs worldwide. At the same time, for Telefónica, we open the door to external innovation.

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We have both internal and external resources in each scaling area relevant to startups, boasting expert knowledge. In addition, we work with an extensive portfolio of other consultants and professionals. We are innovation experts, and we help Telefónica start working with startups with expert knowledge in previously unexplored areas. Over the years, this expertise has turned Wayra into a proven seal of quality and trust.

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"Wayra believed in us from day one. With their help in the form of mentoring, network and expertise in the industry we could starting building our company from the ground up. Now, 4 years later we grew to nearly 100 people in 3 different countries."
E-bot 7 founder sitting in Wayra Germany
Fabian Beringer & Xaver Lehmann,
CEOs of e-bot7
"Thanks to Wayra we were not only able to benefit from their large and high-quality coaching network, but also had very quickly the opportunity to present our Self-service solution in front of the right Telefónica business unit. As a result, we were able to start a very successful and long-term project with them."
Dr Michael Faath,
CEO and co-founder of Conntac
"Wayra's biggest advantage is the option to cross-sell into their wide network of other corporates as well as their dedication to winning Telefonica itself as a customer."
Dr. Gunter Fischer,
CEO & Co-founder of Brainalyzed
Dr. Gunter Fischer,
CEO & Co-founder of Brainalyzed
"Wayra helped us to land a first pilot with Teléfonica and created a ton of opportunities for us! The true value though, beyond pure revenues, is the Wayra team and ecosystem – their coaching truly helped us to grow and scale!"
Felix Schroeder
CEO and Co-founder of Chatchamp headshot
Felix Schroeder
CEO and Co-founder of Chatchamp
"Wayra helped StackFuel to win Telefónica as our first client. After that B2B Sales took off and helped us to scale the company."
Stackfuel founder headshots
Leo Marose & Stefan Berntheisel,
co-founders of Stackfuel
"Wayra provided us with access to the right decision-makers and allowed us to win one of the biggest Telecommunication providers as a customer.  This allowed us to better understand the market needs and to enter successfully the telecommunication market."
Stefan Link, CEO of headshot Ronny, founder of Pyonner.ioEugen, co-founder of headshot
Stefan Link,
CEO and co-founder of
“Being part of the Wayra program was a great opportunity to show the value of our software to Telefónica via pilot projects, which was also the base for a long-term and successful partnership. Furthermore the coaching options have helped us with concrete challenges and to become an even more successful company.”
Foxbase founder picture
Benjamin Dammertz & Carsten Dolch,
Founders of FoxBase
"Wayra is the rail bar which keeps you on track with all challenges and breakdowns during the journey of building a new company. It's a secure & inspirational ecosystem with like-minded people and access to big corporations that would take you years to get a foot in the door. It is speed, structure & mojo for your startup. It's a family."
Max, founder of  Amplitude headshot
Max, Amplitude
"The office and location are great! But there is much more! We regularly talk to other startups regarding their experience and can leverage their skills, and the other way round. It is also very motivating to work in an energetic environment with a lot of driven, smart people."
Steffi, founder of Vcoach headshot
Steffi, VCoach
"I joined the community to be surrounded by people who want to make a difference in this world, who are tackling problems to improve how things work in our society and business culture. I feel like, Wayra is the place where I can find this. I love that we share our thoughts, ideas, challenges and perspectives."
Urs, founder of MarchManao headshot
Urs, MatchManao
IoT, internet of things

Are you looking for a partner to connect your IoT application?

Being the innovation vehicle of Telefónica, a leading multinational telco, we can get you in touch with the right resources for the best IoT connectivity.


Feel free to contact us!
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