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Wayra serves as a bridge between pioneering startups and all divisions of o2 Telefónica. We facilitate your journey in securing o2 Telefónica as a valuable client.

As o2 Telefónica's open innovation hub, we provide you with the necessary tools and contacts to win o2 Telefónica as a client. Depending on your company's stage and solution,
we offer two services.

Traction Boost

This offering is designed for startups aiming to secure o2 Telefónica as a client. Whether you need assistance in preparing your solution or wish to test it directly with o2 Telefónica through a project, we are here to support you.

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Sales Boost

This offering is for companies capable of delivering their product or solution on a large scale, reaching up to 350 million o2 customers and over 7,000 o2 Telefónica employees.

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Success Story.

We are proud of the long-standing customer relationship between our portfolio companies and o2 Telefónica. Check out one story to see what our work together could look like.

Imagine a potential major customer walks past your desk and asks you to build a solution for them with your startup. Doesn't happen? It does - Gregor and Max from Galactify have experienced exactly that. With the help of Wayra, they won the telecommunications group Telefónica as a customer and were able to lead their start-up into a decisive growth phase.
Started on June 12 2018

Present your 5G use case in our  Tech Lab.

Startups can develop groundbreaking new use cases and partner with o2 Telefónica to create ready-to-commercialize solutions in the 5G and edge computing sectors.

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