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If you interested in joining our team or have general inquiries regarding our business please contact us below. If you're from o2 Telefónica  or a startup please contact us through the dedicated pages.

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Wayra brings fresh ideas and solutions to the telco world by investing and connecting o2 Telefónica with the entrepreneurial ecosystem around the globe.

What is Wayra? and what does Wayra have to do with o2 Telefónica?

Wayra is the fast track into o2 Telefónica. As one of their open innovation initiatives, wayra Germany supports and invests in startups, developing products that will be useful to o2 Telefónica, one of the leading telco operators in the world. We ignite your business by helping you win o2 Telefónica as a client and thus gain access to its more than 350 million customers.

What do you offer? Why should I participate?
  • The opportunity to do business with o2 Telefónica
  • A €25K paid project, with no equity
  • Execution and sales focused coaching
  • Potential follow-up investment of up to €350K
  • Operational resources
  • Access to the global wayra network
  • Access to the wayra office space in Munich city centre
  • Support with internationalization
  • Maximize short-term revenue from o2 Telefónica Business Units
  • Scale up globally with other o2 Telefónica units and partners in the mid-term
  • Investment team supports portfolio startups with daily business, financial tools, and VC connections
Are you too early to work with us?

At Wayra Germany, we look for startups that are ready to implement their solutions within o2 Telefónica. If your company’s offer goes beyond a minimum viable product, we would be thrilled to explore use cases with our parent group. Nevertheless, if you have a valid use case for o2 Telefónica, we will be happy to hear about it.

How do we make an investment decision ?

We would explore if there is a good fit for your product or service within o2 Telefónica.

Can we setup a call to learn more?

If you can't find an answer to your questions either on our website or here in the FAQs. Send us your question through our contact form dedicated for either startups or o2 Telefónica.

Although we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, unfortunately, we do not have enough time to answer all inquiries, which is why we ask you first to contact us via our contact forms.

If you still have open questions after reaching out, simply let us know by contacting our team to set up a call and answer your remaining questions.

Do you distinguish between applicants in any manner?

No, as a company, we are committed to diversity and inclusion. We do not differentiate based on background, religion, or any other personal characteristic. We only care about the quality of the product or service and the proper fit for o2 Telefónica.

How do you invest?

We invest through direct equity, convertible loan and SAFE notes.

What is the difference between a business Unit & a department?

A department is an entity within a business unit (BU).

What is the difference between receiving an investment & launching a proof of concept together with o2 Telefónica ?

The proof of concept (PoC) is a pilot project funded by Wayra. An investment involves the allocation of capital.

Is there a direct relationship between the need to earn an investment and having a pilot project with o2 Telefónica within your projects?

No there is no direct relationship between the need to earn an investment and have a pilot project with o2 Telefónica we try to be syneric but we don't have a one on one corespondince within the our projects.