Get Pitch Deck Ready for 25 German Venture Capital Investors

Crucial information on 25 German VCs with sectors, previous investments, and investment quantity with contact information.
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October 4, 2021

Each startup has its individual needs depending on their current stage when it comes to external support. If you happen to be the founder of an Early Stage startup, you are at a point where your business plan is somewhat final, your startup has a structure, and you have a proof of concept to show. Now it is time for the first market entry for which you need financial as well as non-financial support – depending on whether you are in the Seed Phase or Series A.

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Seed Phase vs. Series A

During the Seed Phase, your first official equity funding will happen. This capital is meant for you to take first steps. Once this is done, your startup may be able to function by itself. Otherwise, you will move on to Series A, where investors already expect more of you – in terms of showing a track record before the funding as well as handing over a certain amount of shares the moment the funding becomes official.

Reaching Out to Potential Investors

If you don’t happen to be scouted and contacted by a Venture Capital or Business Angel yourself, you must reach out to them. To be as successful and efficient in this process as possible, you need to prepare and answer important questions for yourself and your potential investor. 

Before reaching out to investors, you have to research potential investors who would be a perfect fit for your young startup. Wayra has written a whitepaper to help you choose the perfect investor. This is a list of 25 German VCs that invest in young startups:

1. Wayra


3. Point Nine Capital

4. Freigeist Capital

5. Senovo

6. Btov partners

7. BlueYard Capital

8. Astutia Ventures

9. Vito Ventures

10. LaFamiglia

11. Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners

12. Speedinvest

13. SevenVentures

14. Seed + Speed Ventures

15. Alstin

16. Project A Ventures

17. JOIN Capital

18. IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft

19. High-Tech Gründerfonds

20. Creandum

21. HV Capital

22. Cherry Ventures

23. Cavalry Ventures

24. Capnamic Ventures

25. 42CAP

Download the piece to get crucial information about the 25 German VCs including the sectors they have already invested in and the number of investments they have made. We also provide handy links to the portfolio of each investor and contact information that you can use to send in your pitch deck.

It further contains a comprehensive checklist to make things easier for you when you are on the hunt for the perfect investor:

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Checklist - Whitepaper preview

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If you want to find out more and get a more detailed guide on finding the right investor for your startup, press download here. No registration needed.
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