How to build a perfect pitch deck for your next funding round with our top guide

Check out our pitch deck template and download our Series A pitch deck mock-ups to build a kick-ass pitch and raise funding!
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October 4, 2021

In order to be perfectly prepared for your meeting and any investment pitch you might have, Wayra, with its decade long hands-on knowledge in this particular field, has compiled a pitch deck template from investors for startups. Its purpose is to provide orientation and guidance, as well as a helpful Series A pitch deck mock-up and an executive summary. 

We have created a Series A pitch deck mock-up and an executive summary of the company 'LunaViewer' which will aid you in designing your perfect pitch deck! 

The pitch deck template and The Series A pitch deck 'LunaViewer' mock-up and its executive summary

The pitch deck templates answers questions such as: 

  • What is the right storyline for a pitch deck?
  • What are the key questions that need to be answered?
  • How can you create a successful pitch deck?

The mock up shows you how a pitch deck can look like in practice and it offers valuable insights into structuring a pitch deck by giving a fictional example. The executive summary shows you how to break down your pitch deck to its most essential parts and it helps structure your summary concisely and orderly.

Checklist illustration
You can download the three above mentioned templates below without registration. It includes one pitch deck template, one Series A pitch deck 'LunaViewer' mock-up and its executive summary.
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