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With our structured approach we support you to bring innovation into o2 Telefónica. This will result in improved processes, more automation and consequently save you and your team money and time.
You tell us your problem – we provide a solution to improve your business. We leverage innovative ideas from our startup ecosystem to develop new applications and optimize existing business processes, providing fresh and effective solutions. We lead you throughout the whole process from creating proof of concept to final implementation.
We speed up your implementation process.  We provide fast tracks for procurement, data security and works council. You can test potential solutions within a proof of concept and thus assess the impact on your business. After a successful proof of concept we help you to implement the solution on a commercial level.

+530 startups in portfolio

Start now with for Telefónica
years of experience
We are innovation experts. And know o2 Telefónica, its departments, and its processes by heart.
Telefónica departments we have already worked with
We have already implemented a large number of successful projects across all o2 Telefónica units.
startups work with Telefónica on average
Our goal is to establish long-term releationships between our startups and o2 Telefónica.
Who is it for

The Efficiency Boost is for every o2 Telefónica employee who wants to work with us and shape the future of Telefónica.

For all o2 Telefónica employees who want to explore upcoming trend products.
For all o2 Telefónica employees who want to improve processes and save money.
For all o2 Telefónica employees who want to make o2 Telefónica better.
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Head of Venture Development
Leveraging our extensive network within o2 Telefónica, we can identify the best fit for your solution. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you collaborate with o2 Telefónica as swiftly as possible.
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