Virtual event "The Funding Cocktail": get to know Wayra Germany's startups and their innovative technologies

January 25, 2021
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Our Innovation Hub wayra Germany invites you together with investors, startups, and companies to the online conference The Funding Cocktail on December 9 and 10,2020

November 9, 2020

Virtual event "The Funding Cocktail": get to know Wayra Germany's startups and their innovative technologies

We will be joined by startups that we are already working with, new startups pitching their innovative ideas, and investors with whom we want to work together to break new ground. An exciting highlight: We have also invited the CFO of Telekom Deutschland and the CIO of Vodafone, who will discuss the future of 5G technology with our CFO, Markus Rolle.  


Through our Innovation Hub, we bring together Germany's investors, the startup scene, and companies with the digital conference The Funding Cocktail. The focus will be on topics including 5G, cybersecurity, data-driven investing, and international scaling strategies in European and global markets.


As one of the highlights, we have invited the telecommunications industry's grandees:Klaus Werner, CFO at Telekom Deutschland, and Ulrich Irnich, CIO at VodafoneDeutschland, to join Markus Rolle, CFO at Telefónica Deutschland, to discuss how 5G technology will shape our future. In keeping with this, the startup teams from e-bot7, LanaLabs, and Cobrainer, supported by wayra Germany, will present their solutions in this and other fields of action.


This is where the important topics for 2021 are set


"In the interest of our customers, employees, and investors, we are always looking for digital solutions to offer even better products and services, for example, in the area of 5G," says Markus Rolle. "Creative entrepreneurs of the develop exactly what we need in small teams. To succeed, we need to work together in a way that serves corporations and startups alike and leverages their respective strengths."

Among others, representatives of Germany's best-known investors - including Earlybird, Faraday, Capnamic, eCapital, Maschmeyer Group, Nauta Capital, and btov Partners - will also take part as speakers and panel participants and will go into depth with the founders via a Start-up Academy.

Florian Bogenschütz, Managing Director of wayra Germany, adds, "With The FundingCocktail, we are creating a unique opportunity to bring Germany's investor scene, the startup ecosystem, and companies from the telecommunications sector and other industries to the same table. This is where the important topics for 2021are set, and the course is set for successful collaboration between companies, venture capitalists, and tech startups. At its core, The Funding Cocktail is an event by investors for investors. However, with the formats, we target all stakeholders involved who are interested in new technologies, startup investments, and entrepreneurship, thus promoting networking in the innovation sector."


Getting to know startups and innovative solutions


The event is an excellent opportunity for all of us to get a glimpse into the world of startups. In the form of an online-only conference, The Funding Cocktail will offer a variety of content sessions as well as plenty of opportunities to network and exchange ideas with founders.


Thus, dedicated rooms are offered both for the exhibition of startups and investors as well as for networking among participants so that socializing is not neglected at any point. We will also offer external startups from the fields ofArtificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Internet of Things, EnterpriseSoftware, Network Technologies, Cybersecurity, CloudTech, EdTech, and FinTechthe opportunity to pitch their ideas, products, and solutions on both days.


We will donate the proceeds to Social Impact


If this is interesting for your business area, the team of wayra Germany will be happy to take you.


The ticket costs 11 euros for all participants, and we will donate all proceeds from ticket sales to Social Impact. For 30 years, they have been developing infrastructure and projects that help solve social challenges. Their vision is one of a just and sustainable future society with a high quality of life. A world that offers special support to people with special challenges. Education is available to everybody, where feminism and inclusion are put into practice, a society that builds communities, supports entrepreneurs, and enhances regional potential while protecting our environment and natural resources.


This is what we want to support and therefore invite you to participate in the FundingCocktail. All information from the agenda to the speaker line-up and ticket booking can be found at

Overcoming challenges with innovative startup solutions

The Innovation Hub is always there for you to get in touch with all the startup teams, even independently of the event - and supports you in your search for startups that offer tailor-made solutions for your current challenges. Wayra Germany takes over the entire organization and the costs for the proof-of-concept. If the pilot project convinces you, they will help you implement the solution in your department in the long term.

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Wayra Germany is the Open Innovation Hub of telecommunications group Telefónica. As an early-stage investment arm, Wayra Germany scales technology-oriented start-ups. The focus is on the venture client model, which enables start-ups from the fields of Internet of Things, data analytics, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence to win Telefónica as customers for products and solutions - while offering unique access to the infrastructure of the global telecommunications company. Telefónica, in turn, benefits from the innovative ideas of the start-ups, on the one hand, to improve processes within the Telefónica Group and, on the other hand, to develop new products for Telefónica brands. Wayra Germany was recently named Germany's best digital lab of a corporate group by Infront Consulting and the business magazine Capital.
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