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As a startup founder, securing a major corporate client can be a game-changer. Our service is designed to accelerate your sales cycle by facilitating direct connections with o2 Telefónica and its vast customer base of 350 million and over 7,000 employees. Through our structured approach, we guide you through the process of selling or reselling your solution to a leading global telecommunications company, ensuring efficiency and speed every step of the way.
Landing a corporate client like o2 Telefónica not only boosts your revenue but also significantly enhances your startup's credibility and market presence. This recognition sends a strong positive signal to your investors, demonstrating that your solution has real potential to grow fast. Additionally, the collaboration offers invaluable resources, including access to multiple departments and visibility at the highest management level. Partnering with a corporate giant helps position your venture for sustainable growth and long-term success.
We provide a seamless and efficient process for selling your solution to o2 Telefónica and its customers. This includes navigating procurement processes, finalizing negotiations, and securing prompt payments, ultimately leading to the successful delivery of your solution.

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Start now with for startups
1 out of 2
Half of the startups we do a POC with win Telefónica as a long-term customer.
years of experience
We are innovation experts. And know o2 Telefónica, its departments, and its processes by heart.
commercial contracts in 2024
Our goal is to establish long-term releationships between our startups and o2 Telefónica.
Who is it for

The Sales Boost is directed to companies who have scalable solutions and want to grow their customer base. Either through making o2 Telefónica more efficient or reselling the solution to o2 customers and clients. You should operate in an established market with a proven business model.

For companies who can sell their solution to o2 customers and clients on a large scale.
For companies who have a data protection management system in place.
For companies who are well experienced with big corporate clients.
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Head of Venture Development
Leveraging our extensive network within o2 Telefónica, we can identify the best fit for your solution. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you collaborate with o2 Telefónica as swiftly as possible.
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