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We are your champion to help you sell to Telefónica!

Our promise

We provide you with a fast track to win Telefónica as a client and access their 350 million customers

Your benefits

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    Short Procurement Process
    Get an order in less than 4 weeks after joining the scale up program
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    Light contractual framework
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    Payment in 30 days
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    Access to the right SPOC at Telefónica



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    Recurring revenue through Telefónica globally
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    Follow-on investment up to €25 million
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    No procurement fee
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We speed up your sales cycle

We have evolved from an accelerator to a growth initiative. We seek to significantly impact both startups and Telefónica through profit generation, internal transformation, new profit streams, and capturing future growth opportunities.

With our ten years of innovation experience and know-how in the corporate and startup world, we help sell your products & solutions to Telefónica and its clients globally.

Let us be your champion within Telefónica - apply today!
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Who is the Scale up offer for?


< 10 years
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> 30
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> €5 million
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Focus on growth
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Run Marketing & Sales team(s)
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European Scale-ups
(Focus on Germany)
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Our focus fields

Customer Service Solution
Corporate Responsability
Reselling Products for B2C and B2B
HR Solutions
Retail & Omnichannel
Internet of Things

Mandatory GDPR check for the business assessment:

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    Have you implemented a data protection management system?
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    Have you appointed a Data Protection Officer?
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    Do you train your personnel on data protection topics?
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    Have you documented your data protection processes?

Successful Application Process

We receive your application
First Assessment
Meet your team
Evaluation by Telefónica business unit
Light contractual framework with Wayra
Telefónica global procurement platform registration
Final negotiation with Telefónica SPOC
Sign the commercial contract with Telefónica
Receive payment

Success Stories

Check out the existing collaboration between our portfolio and Telefónica
The "o2 my Service App" is based on a self-service solution by the Augsburg start-up Conntac. The contact and the first acquaintance were made via Wayra Germany at the end of 2017. Wayra Germany had been presented with the app for fixed network fault clearance and proactively approached Customer Service & Sales with it. After initial discussions, the app was developed after only a few weeks, and the first chapter of a success story was written.
Wayra Germany, the open innovation hub of Telefónica, is investing in the Munich HR-Tech Cobrainer. With this investment, Wayra Germany is further expanding its partnership with Cobrainer and providing strategic support to the start-up in its international growth.

Our mission is to help identify, develop and promote the breadth of talent and technological entrepreneurship that exists throughout the whole ecosystem.



Cobrainer is the leading AI skills management platform. Built to streamline internal recruiting, talent and skill management. Employees get career path and skill confidence, and companies gain clarity of their workforce competencies.
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The Conntac self-service solution empowers your customers to troubleshoot Internet connectivity problems themselves – 24/7. The service is highly automated with an intuitive process that has a problem resolution success rate of above 75%.
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e-bot7 offers solutions to improve customer service using artificial intelligence. It analyzes incoming messages, directs them to the right department, and provides support agents with reply suggestions.
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After a simple upload, LANA Process Mining analyzes the digital data relating to your business processes and creates an intuitive, customizable process visualization.
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