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The startup journey is tough...

... but you don’t need to do it alone!

We believe exchange and respect are the key drivers

Therefore, we are building a diverse, tech startup community for sharing and learning, it is a give and take relationship.

You can leverage your skills by exchanging and learning from others' experience.

You meet like-minded entrepreneurs who also have a burning desire to make a difference.
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Community value proposition

Join us and collaborate with innovative entrepreneurs
and startup experts in one of the coolest spaces in the heart of Munich!
Connections to Telefónica
Connections to Investors
Work desks in Munich center
Network of experts
Access to global wayra hubs
Access to events
Technology access: 5G, IoT and Edge computing
Event space for up to 150 guests
Entrepreneural spirit
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Home of entrepreneurs

Enjoy Wayra community in downtown Munich 24/7

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Meet your future family

We have more than 60 innovative entrepreneurs on site


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amelia is the first personal growth & community platform in Germany for women starting off their professional journey. They offer a 4-week personal growth Bootcamp and a lasting & cross-industry community where you gain skills and courage it takes to self-determinedly shape their careers.
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Bonfire offers an Avatar-based office simulation which keeps remote teams engaged, visible and psychologically healthy.
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Big little things

By supporting companies with their employer branding strategy, big little things are helping to create an appreciative and motivating work culture.
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Big little things

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"Wayra is the rail bar which keeps you on track with all challenges and breakdowns during the journey of building a new company. It's a secure & inspirational ecosystem with like-minded people and access to big corporations that would take you years to get a foot in the door. It is speed, structure & mojo for your startup. It's a family."
Max, founder of  Amplitude headshot
Max, Amplitude
"The office and location are great! But there is much more! We regularly talk to other startups regarding their experience and can leverage their skills, and the other way round. It is also very motivating to work in an energetic environment with a lot of driven, smart people."
Steffi, founder of Vcoach headshot
Steffi, VCoach
"I joined the community to be surrounded by people who want to make a difference in this world, who are tackling problems to improve how things work in our society and business culture. I feel like, Wayra is the place where I can find this. I love that we share our thoughts, ideas, challenges and perspectives."
Urs, founder of MarchManao headshot
Urs, MatchManao
"I love the exchange with people who have the same burning desire to make something difficult work, individuals who seek unconventional solutions to vexing problems and persevere until they get it done. The give-and-take culture at Wayra is the lifeblood for innovation at D3."
Corvin, founder of D3 headshot
Corvin, D3
"Exchange, connection, co-creation, meeting people, helping each other, always new opportunities - thank you."
Steffi, funder of Future Academy headshot
Steffi, Future Acadamy
"The startup journey is challenging, and I could not imagine to do it alone. The office is undoubtedly useful and pleasant to have. Because the practical, emotional, technical support with peers is necessary to succeed. And because I love to share to help others."
Gabriele, founder of Hubviser headshot
Gabriele, Hubviser
"Welcoming diversity, setting self-interest aside and focusing on GIVING without expecting immediate return are for me essential factors of value creation in a community. I believe that a community is comparable to a sports team: It is only as strong as each individual being part of it."
Vesa, Wayra Germany Ecosystem Manager headshot
Vesa, Ecosystem Manager,
Wayra Germany
co-investor event Wayra in Factory Berlin office

Want to become a partner?

We look for global partners who likewise strive to foster innovation and scale startups. By exchanging our startup leads and resources, our startups benefit from a more extensive network of corporates, investors, mentors, global clients and therefore initiate more business opportunities. Join us!
Our current partners:
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