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we invest in key technologies for the future of the telco industry
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Your benefit?

Unparalleled access to our global network of over 350M customers and clients across 24 countries.

Why we invest in startups

As the early-stage investment arm of Telefónica and the leading telco VC, our ambition is to stay close to early-stage startups that will define the new market standards.

We support the very best startups by enabling them to use these key technologies both locally and globally.
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Startups we invest in

Our Focus Technologies
Big Data, AI, Network Technologies, Cybersecurity, HR and Customer Service Solutions, Retail Technologies startups.
European Market
We usually invest in European startups but are open to global opportunities too.
First Revenues
We look for startups with first revenues and technical validation of the product by other customers.
Never Alone
We always co-invest with our network of investors.
We focus on late-seed and series A rounds
Tickets < €350K
Our goal is to hold minority ownership of the startups
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Why startups should work with us

Here are three main reasons why startups should have us
as an investor on your cap table:  
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We will help you acquire as many revenues as possible from Telefónica locally and globally.
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Investor ready

We will define the fundraising journey together with you and will provide you with any support you need through the process. 
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Access to our network of VCs and corporations: we will help you acquire them as potential customers. 

Our mission is to help identify, develop and promote the breadth of talent and technological entrepreneurship that exists throughout the whole ecosystem.

The startups we invested

In the past ten years, we have invested in 45 startups (6 exits) with a total investment of 3.5M€ and 16.7M€ from 3rd parties.


The Conntac self-service solution empowers your customers to troubleshoot Internet connectivity problems themselves – 24/7. The service is highly automated with an intuitive process that has a problem resolution success rate of above 75%.
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e-bot7 offers solutions to improve customer service using artificial intelligence. It analyzes incoming messages, directs them to the right department, and provides support agents with reply suggestions.
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MOTIONTAG helps mobility players to understand passengers, optimize existing transport systems and create new, seamless mobility experiences - for a more sustainable mobility future.
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The Stackfuel training environment offers employees hands-on programming exercises and high-quality educational videos within a browser-based data lab. Using business data sets, participants quickly master the most vital aspects of data analytics.
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alberto perez arraz, head of investments and portfolio Wayra Germany

Alberto Perez-Arranz
Head of Investments at wayra Germany

Want to be part of our network?

If you are an investor and want to become part of our network and attend our co-investor events, feel free to reach out to me.

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We always look for investors to co-invest.  If you are an investor and want to become part of our network and attend our co-investor events, feel free to reach out to us.
TFC, The funding cocktail 2020 Wayra Germany, co-invest event

The Funding Cocktail

We joined forces with key Venture Capitalists in Europe to bring real value to the startup ecosystem in 2020. It will take place again in Oct 2021, stay tuned!
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Overview of 80+ Investors in Europe

Thanks to Jan and Crunchbase, we are happy to provide you the latest info of key European Investors, including Investment stage, sector and contact info.
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Startup Funding Support

Are you preparing an investment round for your startups, and want to learn more about standard process; what criteria will investors check? Find answers in our blog.
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