9th & 10th December

The interdisciplinary networking conference

|virtually by wayra Germany

What is The Funding Cocktail?

TFC is a two-day virtual co-investors conference bringing real value to the ecosystem. Join us and enjoy high-quality content tailored from investors for investors. Exclusively for you, we joined forces with key Venture Capitalists in Europe to offer exciting keynotes and insightful panel discussions. More information on the agenda will be published in the coming weeks.

How does it work?

TFC is not a drinking game but a purely remote, online conference with different content sessions, networking, and expo areas. We use a tool called Hopin.to to offer you a fantastic platform for both absorbing content and socializing with other participants. There’s so much to look forward to, so why not secure your ticket now? All ticket revenue will be donated socialimpact.eu, the leading agency for social innovation.

Who is it for?

The event is perfect for anyone interested in innovation, startup investments, new technologies and entrepreneurship. You might be an investor looking for new leads, an individual willing to learn from inspiring speakers, or a startup founder aiming to hunt some investors down. Whoever you are, you can now contribute to a good cause getting real value out of it and we would feel honored to welcome you at The Funding Cocktail.

Want to showcase your Startup?

On the expo area, we will present the top startup attendees sorted by market industry. Are you a startup and want to become more visible to investors? Just book a ticket and we will follow up with the next steps for your application.

Agenda for 2 days

9th December
10th December
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Andre Retterath
Early Bird Venture Capital
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Dennis Kirpensteijn
Faraday Venture Partners
Managing Partner
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Dirk Seewald
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Guillem Sague
Nauta Capital
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Marc Schröder
Maschmeyer Group Ventures
Co-Founder and Partner
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Olaf Jacobi
Managing Partner
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Robert Gallenberger
btov Partners
Partner of the Industrial Tech Fund
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Xaver Lehmann
CEO and Co-Founder
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More speakers to be announced


Faraday Venture Partners

Capnamic Ventures

One of Europe’s leading early-stage Venture Capital firms. The VC invests most of its funds in tech startups in the German-speaking region, but has in the past also joined forces with international co-investors.

Seed and speed Ventures

An experienced seed investor focussing on B2B software startups in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. As a lead or co-investor, we initially invest up to €500k in our portfolio companies and support them.

Early Bird

Founded in 1997, Earlybird invests in all development and growth phases of technology companies. Among the most experienced venture investors in Europe, Earlybird offers its portfolio companies not only financial resources, but also strategic and operational support, as well as access to an international network and capital markets. Earlybird Venture Capital has grown to three autonomous, dedicated and specialized teams, focusing on different geographies and sectors. The Digital West Fund focuses primarily on early stage digital technology opportunities in GSA, Nordics, UK, Benelux, France and Southern Europe, while the Digital East Fund is focused on early stage ICT investment opportunities in Eastern Europe and Turkey, being the leading tech VC in this region. The Health Fund focuses on early and later stage opportunities in digital health, medical devices, diagnostics, enabling technologies and biopharma across Europe. With over EUR 1 billion under management, seven IPOs and 24 trade sales, Earlybird is one of the most successful venture capital firms in Europe. Beyond delivering financial returns, we clearly see our own entrepreneurial responsibility for the environment as well as society and strive to make a positive contribution towards solving the global climate crisis. We are committed to running our own operations in a more eco-sustainable way and offset the residual carbon-footprint while expecting the same from our portfolio companies.

Nauta Capital

Nauta Capital is a pan-European Venture Capital Fund focused on B2B Software. With offices in London, Barcelona and Munich, Nauta invests in outstanding entrepreneurs building the next generation of global software companies at Seed and Series A.


btov Partners is a European venture capital firm focusing on digital and industrial technologies.


e-bot7 offers solutions to improve customer service using artificial intelligence. It analyzes incoming messages, directs them to the right department, and provides support agents with reply suggestions.


eCAPITAL is a venture capital firm that provides early to growth stage funding to technology companies and urrently manages funds with over EUR 220 million under management.

Where does my ticket donation go to?

The agency for social innovations.

For 30 years they have been developing infrastructure and projects that help solve social challenges. Their vision is one of a just and sustainable future society with a high quality of life. A world that offers special support to people with special challenges. Where education is available to everybody. Where feminism and inclusion are put into practice. A society that builds communities, supports entrepreneurs and enhances regional potential. While protecting our environment and natural resources.

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Communications & Event Manager
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