Wayra fundraising criteria of assessing a startup team

The four key fundraising criteria needed in a startup team. Wayra, head of investments, Alberto Peréz delineates in a video.
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May 18, 2021

What do investors look for in a startup team?


  • Can the team communicate their vision? 
  • Do they have drive enough to achieve that vision? 
  • Are all the members of the management team aligned in terms of concept and commitment? 

Execution level:  

  • Is the team reliable? Do they have experiences that back this reliability?  
  • Can they find, hire and manage the right people? 
  • Are they able to manage projects properly? Do they have enough finance and sales knowledge? 


Courage level:  

  • How committed is the team? Can they give up easily?  
  • How do they react to ambiguity or quick-changing conditions? 
  • Is the team ambitious enough to stay fearless by facing demanding customers or internal problems? 

Most completed management team profile should have the following roles: 

  • Domain expert – knows the industry very well 
  • Seller 
  • Builder 

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Written by
Alberto Peréz
Written by
Alberto Peréz

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