How 5G will change work and private life

5G is expected to create entirely new business models and scopes of application, both in work and private life. The basis of it all is IoT – the Internet of Things.
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June 8, 2021

The fifth generation of wireless technology (5G) is expected to improve – and possibly even revolutionize – automation, digitalization and the collaboration between humans and machines, thus creating completely new business models and scopes of application, both in work and private life.

If industries and companies recognize the opportunities that 5G holds, and decide to follow new, innovative paths, they can also profit from its potentials. Telefónica is one of the global players that work on building the 5G net. We as Telefónica’s Open Innovation Hub, connects startups from the fields such as IoT, cybersecurity, data analytics, and AI with CEOs, investors, and clients. Working together, innovative startups and established businesses can unfold the true potential of 5G. The basis of it all is IoT – the Internet of Things.

Executive Summary

  • The Internet of Things describes systems of objects that collect information, communicate with each other, and transfer their results to cloud-like databases without the need of human supervision.  
  • 5G equips IoT with the technology it needs to work in near-real-time and transmit gigabytes of data in seconds.
  • Innovative startups, scouted by Wayra and connected to the 5G net of Telefónica, are already working on IoT platforms, devices and solutions that will change the way we work and live.

IoT Meaning – What is the Internet of Things?

The IoT is a system of interrelated and interconnected objects that can collect data and transfer it wirelessly without human intervention. 5G offers a whole new scope of applications for IoT: Cities are turning into Smart Cities, with intelligent sensor networks that are easily integrated in existing ecosystems improving the air quality in urban areas. Smart Metering supports the automated reading of power, gas, and water consumption. Industry branches such as logistics profit from the networking of their fleets and vehicles.

5G and IoT are jointly changing the world

5G builds the basis on which IoT platforms and IoT devices can unfold their true potential. Telefónica offers its 5G network to startups supported by Wayra. A series of these startups have already tested their innovations, showing what the Internet of Things is capable of.

Wayra Tech Lab: Exclusive IoT Platform provided by Geeny

Environmental Protection made smart

The startup was founded in 2017. Its  aim is to improve the climate in densely populated urban areas, as well as protecting forests. With the 5G technology, the future of wood and forestry management shall become more sustainable: A network of sensors is supposed to counteract the imbalance on forests. The sensors collect data of the ecosystem and save it in a cloud. This enables making data-driven decisions, setting priorities, and developing strategies to protect the forest.

Smart benches

Since 2011, Strawberry Energy has been developing solar-powered street furniture for intelligent, sustainable cities. The “Strawberry Smart Bench” looks like a modern bench made from wood but is, in fact, a technology center: It provides a wireless network for smartphones, tablets, and has power outlets for small and big devices. Integrated climate sensors measure air quality, temperature, and other aspects of environmental quality. The bench is equipped with a voice assistant that can answer questions and offers the option of contactless payment via app.

The Technology of Simulated Reality

The Dutch company Dimenco has the goal of realizing futuristic visions from science fiction films, breaking with the barrier between reality and fiction. With Simulated Reality, they try to make remote teamwork more comfortable and successful. A new form of spatial calculation is the core of this technology making it possible to interact with realistic 3D-objects in a virtual surrounding – without the use of an additional headset.  

These are just three examples of what might be commercially available in the future, but they give a good idea of how revolutionary 5G and the IoT can be when they are effectively paired, as Telefónica and Wayra aim to do. Located in Munich, our Wayra 5G Tech Lab offers you the opportunity to experience how 5G and Edge Computing might shape the future, visit us!

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Written by
Florian Bogenschütz
Written by
Florian Bogenschütz

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