How to make the best of an online investors' event

Useful materials and checklist to ensure you get the most out of an online investors' event.
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October 12, 2021

During the past year and a half, our private and professional lives have been increasingly shifted to the digital world. Luckily, holding events online is second nature to us at Wayra Germany. 

Even during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, funding for startups by Venture Capitals and Business Angels did not drop significantly. In fact, more VCs financed startups than in 2016. The digital world opens your startup up to other opportunities. 

While you will not be able to meet in person and network the way you are used to, online investor events are still a great way to connect to potential investors. Just be aware of the differences in talking online vs talking in person. Limited movement and pixelated facial expressions during video calls make your words count just that bit more. On the other hand, small talk and an inviting body language are much more meaningful for in-person conversations.

During the Wayra Germany The Funding Cocktail, our annual get-together of investors and startups, you can benefit from the intimate investor knowledge exchange. This year, The Funding Cocktail 2.0 is a hybrid event – with Covid-19 restrictions still in place, in-person tickets are limited and already sold out. However, you are welcome to join us digitally and dive into the world of investors! 

VC Office Hours (1:1 'Speed dating' for Investors and startups)

To offer startups and investors the best possible networking experience, VCs are offering office hours. During a 10-minute-slot, you will have time for a short Q&A session as well as a brief demo. Slots will be pre-organized and startups will be pre-selected. Slots are open on October 19th from 15:00 to 16:00 CET. 

The unique opportunity of 1:1 meetings with VCs can be exciting for many startups – just remember to be yourself and talk about what you know best: your business. 

Helpful materials for event preparation

1. 1:1 workshop

Alberto, our head of investments and portfolio offers STARTUPS AID to help startups with their fundraising needs. Apply today for a chance at professional fundraising advice!

2.White-paper covers 25 top German VCs

While a foolproof business plan is of course inevitable, our 1:1 meetings are aimed at networking. Gather your soft skills and show how resourceful and enthusiastic you are. A healthy amount of curiosity is also never wrong! 

Before you dive headfirst into The Funding Cocktail, check out our whitepaper on how to find the right investor for your startup! The whitepaper features a list of 25 German investors – easy to filter through so you can find the right fit for your startup and will not waste any time during The Funding Cocktail.

3.Pitch deck guide

If you need a hand in compiling your pitch perfectly, you can download our pitch deck template for free. It helps you find a succinct yet significant storyline for your investment pitch.

Checklist for before/during and after event

In any case, whether you join us digitally or in person at The Funding Cocktail, preparation is key when talking to investors. You need to be able to communicate your startup's needs and wants while simultaneously facing the challenges digital and in-person events carry with them. Being prepared properly increases your chances of leaving a lasting impression and securing the right investor for your startup. 

Our checklist helps you prepare and offers valuable tips for before, during and after The Funding Cocktail. Simply follow our checklist to make the most of the event!

Before the event

[_] Have a Tier List ready – this helps you sort which investors you want to reach out to. It makes sense to talk to investors in reverse order, meaning you should talk to your favourite investors in Tier 1 last so you have more knowledge on how to handle the meetings and, therefore, a higher chance of success.

[_] Register your startup at the right investor for the VC Office Hours.

[_] Check their portfolio to see if they already have something in that sector. Then it is even more important to clarify why your startup is different.

[_] Check the panel and register for workshops for example

[_] Reach out to speakers on LinkedIn and let them know you are looking forward to the event and their valuable knowledge.

[_] Check out how to confidently present during a video call (German document).

[_] Have your pitch deck ready (including a series A mock-up and executive summary)

[_] Be sure which questions you want to have answered after the event and ask accordingly.

[_] Check the technical side of things: Do your camera, headphones and microphone work? Is your background free of clutter or anything potentially distracting?

[_] Wear clothes you feel comfortable in.

[_] Figure out the right lighting for the call.

[_] Make sure you are properly visible and can gesticulate – place the laptop on a few larger books and make sure to sit a little further away from the camera.

[_] Close all windows and doors to avoid an irritating noises cape. 

During the event

[_] If your internet is weak: Tell your partners, apologise and inform them that you will switch off the camera for more audibility.

[_] In case you have to turn off your camera: Make sure you have a profile picture so everyone on call still "sees" you.

[_] Begin with some small talk.

[_] Mute yourself when you are not talking.

[_] If applicable: Have a short introduction of each participant.

[_] Make sure to ask all your prepared questions. 

[_] Take notes. Let your conversation partners know you are taking notes – typing is audible and might give off the impression that you are not paying attention, so it is important to state why you are typing occasionally. 

[_] Ask for clarification if anything seems unclear.

[_] Hold eye contact – look at the camera, not the person you are talking to. 

[_] Make sure to pause regularly and longer than you would during in-person conversations. 

After the event

[_] Document everyone you talked to and what you have talked about. 

[_] Reach out to everyone you talked to on LinkedIn. You can thank them for the opportunity and the great insight they provided. 

[_] Evaluate all investors you talked to – has your Tier List changed after the meetings?

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