The best-rated telco self-service App: o2 my Service

January 19, 2022
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The customer solution o2 my Service App launched in 2018 is a digital success story. Usage figures and customer feedback speak the positive language. Read here why the app is an excellent example of digital innovation and how startup accelerator Wayra can help you use new digital tools for your business.

January 19, 2022

The best-rated telco self-service App: o2 my Service

The o2 my Service app helps o2 customers set up their o2 internet at home with an automated wizard. The app also allows o2 customers to identify internet connection errors and fix them independently with a customized step-by-step guide. If necessary, the customer can connect directly in the app to a call center agent who, thanks to the app, already has all the essential information about the router, the steps taken, and the internet connection.

The service is highly automated and has an intuitive process with a problem resolution success rate of over 75%. The service also convinces our customers and achieves, for example, an outstanding 4.8 stars in Apple's App Store, making it the best-rated telecommunications app for self-service.  

"We make the lives of our customers easier. Gone are the days when you had beads of sweat on your forehead before setting up your new DSL connection because you were afraid of the huge effort involved in connection and commissioning. The o2 my Service app is a real digital game-changer," says Ulf Michaelis, Director Customer Service & Sales.

Launched with 500 users per day in 2018 (at that time still called "o2 DSL Help App"), the number of users per day has now increased tenfold to more than 5,000 users per day. Since launch, we have provided digital help in 3 million cases. The app is an excellent example of how digital innovation pays off in terms of customer satisfaction and measurably helps make our processes more efficient.

The app is an integral part of the digital strategy in Customer Service & Sales. Further digital innovations in the app are planned for 2022. These include a WLAN heat map that checks the WLAN quality for the respective rooms and informs customers whether repeaters may need to be installed. Another addition is Smartphone Repair. Here, customers can use various checks for microphone, loudspeaker, display, Bluetooth, and battery to verify whether there is actually a defect.

The "o2 my Service App" is based on a self-service solution by the Augsburg start-up Conntac. The contact and the first acquaintance were made via Wayra Germany at the end of 2017. Wayra Germany had been presented with the app for fixed network fault clearance and proactively approached Customer Service & Sales with it. After initial discussions, it was decided to "give the topic a try" with Conntac. After only a few weeks, the app was developed, and the first chapter of a success story was written.

"The cooperation with Wayra opens up much greater opportunities to discover digital innovations and use them for our business. The implementation is uncomplicated and always maximally customer-centric. I can only recommend everyone to try out how Wayra can help in your specific business," says Christian Schmidtchen, Head of Digital Enablement.

To experience digital innovations for yourself, download the app and try it out.

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